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“Boost Property Services” is a Family owned & operated professional commercial and residential property maintenance company supporting Clients across the Perth Metropolitan Area. With our in-house team of professional & dedicated staff, we provide the complete range of property services: from maintenance, repairs, makeovers &

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  • Family owned & operated business with over 25 years of experience.
  • Honest, professional and friendly service.
  • Quality workmanship with competitive rates.
  • Great customer service, choice & flexibility.
  • Residential & Commercial projects with ease.
  • Punctual from the initial quotation through to completion of works.

No fuss solutions, we work with or take care of it all for you.


Whether your a property owner, investor, property manager or tenant, seller or buyer. Property maintenance affects us all. Initial lack of maintenance or oversights of small repairs can quickly transform into costly repair bills & a loss in the potential value for your investment as the investment deteriorates further. Call us now and we can help solve these issues before they become a problem.
"Boost Property Services," We fix it, build it, paint it and clean it.

Completed Brickwall, paving and fencing

The team at Boost Property Services will take care of it all for you.
Whether you need to have it installed, repaired, replaced, updated, maintained or converted, be it a makeover, partial or full renovation, inside or outside commercial or residential, we are there for you!
Boost Property Services Team strives to assist you in all aspects of maintaining, repairing & developing your home, investment & or commercial property.
Boost Property services has it all covered, you may require repairs, replacement or installation of:
fly-screens & or frames,
Doors, frames, hinges, handles or locks,
ceilings & walls,
limestone walls,
brick laying,
Roof & gutter,
Garden clean ups,
and much much more, If it needs doing we will do it.
"Please don't delay, Contact Boost Property Services now to discuss your project"

Services We Provide

24/7 Services with professional, dedicated personals
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